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4 Easy Ways to Design a Gallery Wall


You can make an arrangement of 6, 9 or 12 frames of the same size. If you want to fill the space above a sofa, headboard or dining room table; Consider a theme such as travel photos, childhood photos, wedding photos or art prints.


If you have a narrow wall next to a door or window. Vertical gallery wall works wonders in tight spaces. You definitely have areas where you can create a vertically oriented arrangement of 3 or 6 frames. You can create a vertical gallery wall with themes such as black and white wall arts, landscape photos, your favorite animal photos.


If you have a recess or corner you want to fill, the perfect living room gallery wall can be arranged floor to ceiling with bits and pieces of memories collected over time.


A group of 3 to 5 framed pieces leaning together on a wall shelf. It's a perfect choice if you like to change your decor regularly. You can use any size wall art you want. Mix and design as you wish.

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